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Ben Dipple '16 in northeastern Turkey

Ben Dipple ’16 in northeastern Turkey

I studied abroad during the fall 2014 semester in Istanbul, Turkey, as a part of the CIEE Arts and Sciences Program.  In addition to my time in Istanbul, I also traveled to different parts of Turkey, including Troy, Trabzon, and Bursa, and spent a week in Egypt visiting friends in Cairo and Alexandria.  Studying abroad was the perfect supplement to my education here at Gustavus. One of the most important skills of a history major is the ability to analyze and think critically about various events, areas, and processes.  Living in a different country for over four months helped me to further develop this skill both academically and personally, as I had to think critically about how to act in certain situations and how my conceptions of the world have been shaped by my own culture.

Aya Sofya in Istanbul

Aya Sofya in Istanbul photo by Ben Dipple ’16

Likewise, studying with Turkish professors and students helped me to view international relations and Ottoman history from different perspectives while also allowing me to think more critically about my own values, such as American conceptions of success.

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  1. Greg Kaster says:

    Wonderful, Ben! Prof. Wittenstein and I loved Istanbul and other parts of Turkey the one time we were there. The study abroad experiences of you, Alexa, and so many other Gustavus History majors virtually span the globe!