History Majors Study Abroad Showcase: Alexa Giebink ’16 Posted on October 22nd, 2015 by

I studied for a semester in Sweden through the Gustavus led program that traveled throughout the country for five months, including stops in Jokkmokk, Mora and Stockholm. Studying abroad was the best decision I made for my college education. My experiences in another country have given me a new level of contribution to the classroom and to the problems of everyday life. For example, I can use Swedish examples when exploring theories in my history classes back on campus.

Alexa Giebink '16 in front of the Royal Palace in Stockholm

Alexa Giebink ’16 in front of the Royal Palace in Stockholm

Sami Flag in Jokkmokk, Sweden

Sami Flag in Jokkmokk, Sweden

As a history major I had a certain level of critical analysis common in the humanities that helped me observe and interpret my experiences. I was able to see more connections between Sweden and America, and between my life and the life of Swedes. For example, both Sweden and America have issues with treatment and incorporation of an indigenous population. Also, the discipline of history teaches us to question and inquire about what we see and what we are told. Therefore I was prepared not to accept everything at face value but to dig deeper and find out why things are the way they are. It was a joy to see new places (in addition to Sweden I traveled to Norway, Scotland, and Belgium), meet new people, and challenge myself.

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