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Allie Skjerven awarded Patricia Lindell Scholarship!

The History Department is pleased to announce that Allie Skjerven, senior History Major, has been awarded the 2010 Patricia Lindell Scholarship in the GAC library. This year’s project, to be carried out during Spring Semester 2010, will focus on how undergraduates utilize space in academic libraries.  Several academic libraries, most notably the University of Rochester […]

I Majored in History, Now What?

What can you do with a History major?  The answer may surprise you.  What would you like to do?  The History program at Gustavus prepares its majors to think historically.  Historical thinking involves skills that are crucial to thriving in our rapidly-changing global environment.  Among those skills are analysis of trends and causes-effects over time; interpretation […]

Major Presentation at History Conference

On October 15, 2009, History major Aaron Hiltner presented a refereed research paper as part of a panel on “Civil Rights: Gains and Limitations,” at the Northern Great Plains History Conference, held this year at St. Cloud State University.   Aaron’s presentation was titled “‘Before I’ll Be a Slave, I’ll Be Buried in My Grave:’ Cairo, […]

History Bytes this January

In addition to Tyler Johnson’s course, the history department is also offering a course on digital history for January term. The class will discuss how historians research and present our findings using new media, and will include discussions on Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook, and historically-themed games. The course is listed as HIS 217-001 and will meet […]

New January Term Course

The History Department is pleased to welcome Tyler Johnson to Gustavus who will be teaching courses for us in January and Spring Semester, 2010.   Tyler recently received his PhD in History from Purdue University.  This January he will be teaching the following course: TO THE HALLS OF MONTEZUMA: THE WAR WITH MEXICO. Between 1846 and […]